HPH and Applied Software work together to provide a comprehensive solution for Autodesk Fabrication.

HPH is proud to offer PHCC labor units to PHCC members or approved organizations.

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HPH is compatible with Fastpipe's estimating software to update over 65,000 items.

Autodesk Fabrication

HPH and McCormick have been partners for 10 years. 


HPH and Viewpoint offer integrated pricing & MCAA labor updates.

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Applied Software creates content and offers content packs to work with HPH services.

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CINX Pricing

HPH is proud to offer MCAA labor units to MCAA members or approved organizations.

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HPH and Wendes estimating software provide an industry leading solution.

As an independent pricing and information provider to the plumbing, mechanical and HVAC trades, HPH works with many estimating, modeling, service, and accounting software packages.  

HPH works with many modeling content providers to ensure our proprietary IDs are included in modeling content.

If you would like to partner with HPH, please contact us directly at partner@cinx.com or 800.890.0820

HPH works closely with SysQye Building Data for an integrated update process.

HPH is compatible with both Trimble estimating platforms -Autobid and Accubid.


HPH and Highlands offer an integrated update process.

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HPH 's Autodesk add-in processes updates & assists model based purchasing.


Virtual Buildling Solutions creates content and includes the Proprietary HPH Codes.

HPH and QuoteSoft provide an integration solution. 

About HPH

HPH works with Sage software, formerly known as Timberline.

 Pricing Service and Content Partner