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Distributor technology? or OEM? Transaction Integrators

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Contractor technology? or OEM? Transaction Integrators

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CINX Pricing

HPH’s distributor partners are forward-thinking, savvy and are eager to realize the benefits of a truly integrated workflow with their contractor customers. 

CINX Support

Quotesoft has integated with HPH to allow users to send an RFQ directly from Quotesoft to their CINX Vendors.   When the Quote is returned from the vendor, Quotesoft will apply it to the  project. as;dkfj;askdjf ;aslkdfj 

About HPH

 Transaction Integrator Stack

CINX works directly with our premium transaction integrators (partners? ) to streamline the procurement workflows for both the contractor and distributor. 

If you would like to become a Premiere Transaction Integrator please contact us directly at or 800.890.0820